Monday, March 12, 2012

Toastmasters club has truly inspired me to become a better speaker ,if not the best! Indeed it is quite an experience to be a member of this prestigious club- Pueblo Verde Toastmasters Club in MEZ 2, Lapu-Lapu City. And i am learning so much from my fellow TM. And with this note, allow me to post here my second speech: Basic Speech #2:

Oldies but the Goldies!

“History” can mean: ancient, outmoded, antique, out of date or time worn. It denotes anything old and torn and aged. Furthermore it may mean: vanished, finished, non-existent or gone. But mind you these are only words that describe the past which do more harm than good and sometimes belittle the items, or the places or actions and somehow tend to lose their value and existence. More often than not, anything old is forgotten. But it doesn’t mean that these oldies (as they are sometimes called) ought to be put to oblivion and never be remembered, because the descriptions are only modifiers, qualifiers or assessments and cannot affect the actual significance of a place, a structure, an event, or even an action; these forgotten pasts are precious gems to be cherished and cared for and believe me they have something good to do with the present!

Fellow toastmasters, Good Evening!

Reminiscing old but memorable bygone days is a jewel task for me. It always brings me joy and pleasure whenever I am in nostalgia. Often times during fiesta nights when I was a little girl I always sat beside my lola and mom together with other old relatives when they exchanged stories and told folklores. It perks me up and gets me excited whenever I tinker with old gift boxes filled with memorabilia of my youth. Ah, yes, I can still remember getting excited while opening the lower drawer of my vanity dresser filled with tiny pieces like old coins, torn and discolored pictures, old badges, buttons and pins or unpaired pieces of jewelries and stare at them long enough while my mind was daydreaming. And true enough, the value of the coins and jewelries rose ten times more four decades after when I took them to a jeweler and… you know what happened next.

I also find it sweet and romantic when I listen to classic songs, dance old music (like the Waltz), read history books; narrate poems in Literature, and sometimes when trying to decipher old World maps; it’s like discovering routes of famous navigators as if I’m travelling through time with them. Following the thread of history, any history for that matter, makes my heart beat faster than usual. Indeed, It fascinates my mind knowing how people in the past lived and fought to survive; what were their manner of being while volcanoes erupted; where were they when the land mass moved? And the list goes on. Because of all these inkling of the past, it led me to take up M. A. History in graduate studies. A positive move attained for merely liking oldies huh?

The Classics, as they are fondly called ranges from books, arts, designs, structures, places, poetry, including actions like dancing, oration and declamation. In short, anything and everything under the sun which were involved with my life in one way or another and were kept inside my heart are considered dear to me and I would not let them slip away although the times has evolved into what they call “high-tech” era. But don’t undermine me because I evolved too. In fact, I’m into computers and gadgets and streaming with the information highway like maintaining two blog sites @ the moment while facebooking every so often. But even so, these didn’t stop me from admiring old stuff. And guess what? The past has proved to be that important because a History channel on cable tv has been aired to impart more knowledge of the enticing erstwhile era. See how interesting these oldies are?

And on top of all these, the local government has taken more initiatives of caring the past by renovating historical structures, preserving significant places of special interests, reviving fascinating activities like “Balak” while conveying wisdom to the youth which can no longer feel or smell the freshness of the cornfields while listening to the Kundiman.

Therefore, these oldies are not just remains of past lives and experiences, but they are precious Gold of interests and can’t be condoned or disregarded but should be treasured for good. So fellow toastmasters, say it loud and proud to your old folks: You are Gold to behold!

My Girls!

CONGRATS ladies! I am soooo proud of you both! These two ladies here are the champions of Area 82 Speech Contest held recently (March 03, 2012). And they will be competing in Ormoc City this coming March 18, 2012. Good luck girls- although i can't be with you on that day but my hopes and prayers are for your success! 'luv you both! You made me so proud too!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hi ! Hello! remember me? I sure hope so because i'm back!

Oh yeah! And i am so excited because so many things happened in my life while i was gone... er out. One of them is entering a new horizon of my life: I joined a TOASTMASTER club! Ah yes, it is a fun thing really. I also visit other TM club together with my two beautiful daughters, plus you get to learn more English words, English instructions in speaking, listen English speakers; talk impromptu English speeches and more. Trust me- everything is English! Except of course the speakers! And because i am now a member, i get to talk in English too! So here is my fist piece as Basic Speech # 1 entitled:

The Chameleon... in me!

Chameleons are small creatures of the lizard family which moves slow and dwell on trees and have been known to have the ability to change skin color according to their mood.

Good evening fellow toastmasters!

Like a chameleon I’ve been living quite a moody life too! I switch roles every so often, depending on the mood I’m in; maybe because, I wanted to blend in, to connect, to mingle or simply to belong. These moods were highlighted even more when I got married before I finished college.

I became a doctor’s wife @ 20! And since then my role as a young adult drastically shifted into a married woman. Perhaps I felt I was ready for marriage, but married to a medical doctor wasn’t as easy as I thought. With off-hours schedules of patient calls; private clinic services and civic meetings, I felt all his activities didn’t do justice to me as a young wife.

Then my first daughter came followed by another five years after the first one. I became a mom! And still the doctor’s wife @ certain times of the day (if you know what I mean). I remember one sunny Sunday morning when two of my daughters were still little. We were all excited and ready for the beach when suddenly the phone rang. My husband took the call and after a while he told us to cancel our beach trip because of that distress call from a patient who needs more of his time. We all sat down with a frown.

But like a chameleon I was quick to the rescue and comforted my two little girls and enticed them to a promise that it would be better next time. Sure enough I had my moments also. But, I felt I should be equipped as a mother and a wife to handle and face any unprecedented circumstances that may arise in the future. I tried to improve myself by reading books and magazines and what-have- you, to know exactly how is it to be a wife of a doctor and a true-blue mom.

Years passed, my third daughter came. My role as the mom and the wife went on smoothly but when she reached the fourth grade, I got bored. I thought why not go back to school and finish where I left off. Imagine, after 22 years, I was a student again! Get this: @ 6 in the morning I was the mom, cooking breakfast for five and two hours later I was a full time student! Ah, It was an exciting chapter of my life!

Like a chameleon I blended in; sat on the armchair while i listened to most of the lectures and took exams. I got connected while hanging out with 18 yr olds; exchanged stories of men and the ever powerful word: L-O-V-E. Some fantastic moments I had! And I mingled with the teachers who used to be my batch mates during my early college years. It really felt great to be in school again since learning has always been my passion. A college student @ 42 didn’t feel so bad after all. And besides, I believe there are no rules when to stop learning.

Soon enough I earned my degree in Architecture a year or two after that; got my license, and pursued more studies in Graduate School which earned me another degree (M.A. History).

Ah yes! I have become a historian; a lady architect; a researcher; a designer; a career woman.

And right now, as I am standing here in front of you, I am a friend; your friend. A fellow toastmaster! And in a few minutes I’ll be a mom beside these two lovely ladies then later tonight I’ll be the doctor’s wife again when I get home. Like a chameleon, I am all these, depending on my mood.

Good evening!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A way to stay young and healthy! (take it from me ! hehehehe )

USANA- is the word! It is the greek term which means : True Health!

Imagine yourself getting older- every second of every hour and every minute of your life! That's because the cells inside the body are deteriorating faster than the right food choices you make. It means simply : Degeneration! And everything that happens in our body depends 'mainly' on the kind of foods we eat everyday. Our pace is slower than the rotting effect of the body's daily metabolism -or the chemical process happening inside a living cell thereby breaking down some substances which are necessary for life.

Take for example an apple- everytime we open or bite on it, it leaves a progressive mark on the surface of the apple and becomes brown after a few minutes. This is due to the onset of 'oxidation' or the deterioration of the apple as it is exposed from outside particles including- oxygen -the element we breathe!

Well, to make my point much easier to comprehend, why not open this page and find out for yourself everything i mentioned here:

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My oh my! Im really in love with this elegant, sleek and sexy notebook! If only i can get my hands a grip of it- i won't let it go - not ever !

Hmmnn... nakaka in-love!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Friday, May 07, 2010

Solar Halo

Some explanations of the Solar Halo which I saw (Photo by me- 12:30 noon-May 7, 2010) : (texts courtesy of Wikipedia)

A halo (ἅλως; also known as a nimbus, icebow or Gloriole) is an optical phenomenon produced by ice crystals creating colored or white arcs and spots in the sky.Light passing through the hexagonal ice prisms is deflected twice, which produces deviation angles ranging from 22° to 50°.

Like other ice halos, 22° halos appear when the sky is covered by thin cirrus clouds containing the ice crystals that cause the phenomenon.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Hello peeps!

It's been a long time! Yeah, i know, i have been away from here and im sorry. Hope i can make it up to you! Im back now and you can start smilng ;)

Anyway, life has been good and cruel then good and bad sometimes... but you know what? im ever so thankfull 'coz im still here! Oh anong say nyo djan! And mind you for the past months that i was not blogging here, it made me realize how i miss all these! Yeah! There is a saying which tells us:"... You wont know the value of a thing/person until it is gone..." Thanks to You out there which taught me a few lessons in life. And Im thankful this isnt gone... yet! Maraming salamat po BRO!

Aaay! ang buhay nga naman! so, to start off, here is a very inspiring Mp3 which trully made my mind open up wider than before! The title says it all! I Hope you would find it lovely too, take note of the lyrics 'coz it's what i'm trying to tell you. Here goes:

New Beginning... by Tracey Chapman

The whole worlds broke and it aint worth fixing. Its time to start all over, make a new beginning. Theres too much pain, too much suffering. Lets resolve to start all over make a new beginning. Now dont get me wrong - I love life and living. But when you wake up and look around at everything thats going down -All wrong. You see we need to change it now, this world with too few happy endings. We can resolve to start all over make a new beginning.
Start all over. Start all over. Start all over. Start all over.

The world is broken into fragments and pieces. That once were joined together in a unified whole. But now too many stand alone - theres too much separation. We can resolve to come together in the new beginning.

Start all over. Start all over. Start all over. Start all over.
We can break the cycle - we can break the chain. We can start all over - in the new beginning. We can learn, we can teach. We can share the myths the dream the prayer. The notion that we can do better. Change our lives and paths. Create a new world. and
Start all over. Start all over. Start all over. Start all over.

The whole worlds broke and it aint worth fixing. Its time to start all over, make a new beginning. Theres too much fighting, too little understanding. Its time to stop and start all over. Make a new beginning.
Start all over. Start all over. Start all over. Start all over.

We need to make new symbols. Make new signs. Make a new language. With these we'll define the world. And start all over.
Start all over. Start all over. Start all over ...

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

One of the poems i created when i was alone, but happy! It is dedicated to the one i love. So, here goes:

My gaze soared

seeing the wonders

i once thought would go by

My moment came…

or was it?

Realizing my dreams wasn’t easy

I quickly ran out of thoughts

as if life is so short yet, i live!

Ah, yes! I’m here.

Weren’t you too ?

You were always a part of me

teenny bits of me

engulfing around you.

You are always by me

caring for me

loving me.

And… I love you more! Mwuah!